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Naturopathic medicine blends the best of science and nature to aid the human body back to optimal health. Through extensive examination and appropriate diagnostic techniques including lab work and imaging, Dr. Mercer embarks on the challenging task of identifying the root cause of a person’s disease. Naturopathic treatment focuses on naturally correcting the root cause of disease in addition to offering more immediate symptom relief during the healing process if needed. This may include pharmaceutical prescriptions to address any more urgent, potentially life-threatening conditions. Dr. Mercer utilizes these conventional treatments when appropriate; however, her goal for all of her patients is to restore a person’s overall health to a point where they are only needed for a brief period of time, similar to a Band-Aid.

Dr. Mercer treats the cause of disease by developing comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plans by integrating effective naturopathic and conventional medicines. Therapies may include nutritional supplementation, hormone replacement therapies, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, pharmaceutical prescriptions, and physiotherapies to initiate healing and reverse the disease process.

Naturopathic Medicine is based on 6 healing principles:

The Healing Power of Nature: The body has the innate ability to heal itself and it is the naturopathic doctor’s role to facilitate this natural process by providing patients with the necessary tools.

Identify and Treat the Cause: Unless the root of the disease or condition is revealed, treatment will only resolve the symptoms rather than treat the cause of disease.

First Do No Harm: The process of healing includes the manifestations of symptoms, so that any therapy that interferes with this natural healing process by masking symptoms is considered suppressive and should be avoided.

Treat the Whole Person: Optimal health is achieved when one’s physical body, in addition to their mental/emotional state, are without complaints.

Doctor as Teacher: It is the role of the Naturopath to educate patients and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health.

Prevention: The ultimate goal of the Naturopathic Physician is prevention. This is done by creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles, healthy beliefs, and healthy relationships.

Dr. Mercer can help with the following conditions:

What to Expect at Your Naturopathic Visit

Once you initiate contact with us, we will strive to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer and what to expect during your visits. We will try to provide you with all of the information you need to decide to embark on the journey to meet your health goals.

Patient Forms

We ask that you fill out all of the necessary new patient paperwork prior to your appointment time. By having all required forms complete, this allows you to spend your scheduled appointment time with the doctor rather than filling out paperwork. You can either go to our website at (patient forms tab) to print out the forms and bring them to your appointment or arrive to the clinic 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill them out.

Initial Office Visit

During your initial visit, you will spend approximately 1 hour with the doctor. During this time, Dr. Mercer will review your paperwork to gather information about your current condition or complaints in addition to your health history. This provides her with a clear picture about your current state of health. This may include any previous lab work you’ve had done in addition to previous treatments you’ve completed. Please be prepared to provide all medications and supplements you are currently taking.

Dr. Mercer will then perform any necessary physical exams to help provide additional information about the state of your health. At the conclusion of your first visit, Dr. Mercer will explain her clinical impressions and the treatment approach she feels will most effectively treat the cause of your condition. If lab work or additional testing is necessary, she will explain which tests are needed and why. Treatment may include dietary and lifestyle modifications, herbal and nutrient supplementation, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, physiotherapy, and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Typically, if additional testing is needed, a more comprehensive treatment plan is provided at the second office visit after all the required information is obtained. However, Dr. Mercer will usually attempt to get you started on a plan during the first office visit to get you feeling better right away.

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up office visits are scheduled anywhere from a few days to 4 weeks after the initial visit. These visits are typically 30 minutes long. During follow-up consultations, you and the doctor will discuss how you have been feeling since the last time you meet, review any new lab reports, and modify your treatment plan to address your current condition. Adequate analysis during the follow-up appointment is crucial to monitor your progress and change your treatment to ensure that you continue to progress toward your health goals. As your health improves, you will need less frequent follow-up Redmond Oregon office visits.

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