There are some people who suffer from dizziness and vertigo, which are symptoms that may result after a trauma on the neck and head. For those who experience vertigo, they are likely to feel greatly troubled by such type of a disabling discomfort. Each time they have an attack of this symptom, they go through a terrible sensation of spinning that may be associated with sweating, vomiting and nausea among several other symptoms.

Chiropractic for Vertigo – How It Can Help

According to health experts, vertigo has a number of causes, yet it is a condition that can be treated. However, the treatment to be used still depends on the cause of the condition. With that in mind, chiropractors advise their patients to undergo physical examination and some laboratory tests to determine the actual cause of vertigo.

Chiropractors are highly qualified, certified and trained to perform certain techniques to their patient such as the Epley Maneuver, which is an approach that most patients can tolerate perfectly well. The main purpose of practicing this technique is to make use of gravity in transporting calcium carbonate crystals or formations farther from the inner ear. By doing so, further and more painful symptoms can be prevented from occurring.

Safe and Sure Way to Good Health

Although there are more people who instantly resort to taking pills or medicines to relieve their symptoms, this practice is not a safe and effective way. The symptoms may diminish, yet popping in a pill does not address the actual root of the problem. Unless you detect and target the actual cause of this condition, you will not be able to resolve the issue. Because of that, it is still a safer, healthier and more effective means of resolving your concerns about vertigo once and for all.

Chiropractic care helps, and it is about time that you see for yourself what exactly it can do for you. Contact a chiropractor today. If you are somewhere near Redmond Oregon, visit Dr. Mike Sorensen.

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