The nervous-system is basically the master controller of the body & if its’ communication channels get damaged, fuzzy or distorted then the body might experience all sorts-of communication errors. For children and babies an ineffective body communication might play out as irritability or colic, inability to suckle & breastfeed, or/and poor sleeping habits. For babies, poor nerve communication might result in certain developmental delays, inability to concentrate, behavioral problems, headaches, digestive issues, asthma, among many others.

Studies show that babies and children can benefit greatly from chiropractic care following-birth. This is mainly because births can be as-traumatic for babies/children as for the mothers. As babies grow, more & more activities create even more-reasons to continue with chiropractic care.

Bones model in response-to outside physical stresses that are placed upon them (the concept known as the Wolff’s Law) & proper joint motions is required to distribute the forces for optimal bone-development. There are some periods when the skeletal growth gets accelerated during which the balance in the body joints and muscles is very important. Just like bones of skeleton, the baby’s nervous system also develops at a rapid-rate. The nervous system basically includes the spinal cord, brain, and all the nerves which serve each and every single inch of the body and controls most of the body’s functions. Just like bones need proper joint-motion for optimal development, so-do the nerves so as to develop optimal-communication (or innervation)

Here are some of the common childhood conditions which chiropractic care has great positive impact on:

-ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders
-Ear infections
-Common Cold
-Growing pains
-Bed wetting
-Breastfeeding difficulties
-Birthing Trauma

Reasons why parents take their babies/children to see the chiropractor:

-To encourage a good neural plasticity (that is, brain & nerve development).
-To support “first class” nerve communication all through the body so as to promote health and well-being.
-To help strengthen the child’s immunity.
-To help resolve colic and breastfeeding issues.
-Encourages children to thrive-by supporting digestive strength.
-To diminish nerves interference which might impact the kid’s capacity to learn & concentrate.
-To promote proper body balance which helps resolve asthma, poor posture, allergies & bed wetting.
-To help the kids stay fun & light-hearted.
-To help the kids stay in tiptop shape.

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