Treating Numbness and Tingling With Chiropractic Measures

The nerves throughout the body are an important part of relaying information to and from the brain. Although the nerves are vital to human health, it is possible for nerves to become entrapped or damaged. When this occurs, the areas where nerves connect can become numb or develop an uncomfortable tingling sensation. When tingling and numbness does not heal naturally, it is important to treat the problem. In many cases, chiropractic treatments will help reduce the uncomfortable feeling and relieve the pressure that is causing the problems.


Chiropractic Adjustments to the Spine

Chiropractic treatments are often associated with the spine. In many cases, adjustments to the spine can help reduce the tension in the back. When the amount of tension is reduced, then the feeling of numbness or tingling in the extremities will begin to fade.

The reason that spinal treatments used in chiropractic care can help is due to the number of nerves that are connected to the spine. Many nerves run along the spine and to the brain to send signals throughout the body. When the back is properly aligned and tension is removed, the feeling of tingling and numbness can reduce and ultimately heal.

The number of treatments required will depend on the location of numbness and the nerves involved. In many cases, a few treatments are enough to release the nerve and provide some healing.

Reducing Numbness in the Arms or Legs

Although spinal adjustments can help reduce the numbness and tingling, entrapped nerves are not always located in the spine. In cases where the problem is related to nerves in other parts of the body, the goal is not necessarily reducing the numbness completely. Instead, the goal is adjusting the spine for better alignment so that the other areas of the body can also fall into place properly.

Numbness in the body is a sign of problems in the nerves. When it persists, getting help from a chiropractor can reduce the sensation and ultimately heal the body so that the feeling subsides.

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