You should try to understand certain reasons why your back hurts, so you can address this condition properly. Keep in mind that back pain is considered as a symptom of any disease or disorder, and it is not exactly a diagnosis. Several issues cause this problem including the following:

1. Injuries

Most people who have acquired injuries such as fractures or sprains end up having back pain whether it is chronic or acute. Basically, a sprain is a tear in your ligament, which is responsible for supporting your spine. When you lift or twist in an unsafe way, you end up experiencing a sprain. On the other hand, a fracture may be caused by osteoporosis, which occurs when you have weak bones.

2. Mechanical

Your means of moving your spine has an impact to your back. In some people, invertebral disc degeneration may exist, which pertains to the spine’s vertebrae breaking down as you get older. When these parts deteriorate, the cushioning function of the vertebrae becomes less apparent. Other issues linked with mechanical problems include muscle tension and spams, as well as herniated discs.

3. Acquired

You may acquire diseases that can cause your pain to hurt such as scoliosis. This condition refers to the curvature of your spine that may soon cause pain as you age. Other conditions that are acquired include arthritis, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis.

4. Infections

Lastly, infections may contribute to back pain, particularly when the part involved is the vertebrae. This condition is called osteomyelitis, which may be very painful and become worse over time. Tumors may also lead to back pain such as those occurring in the back and spreading on various parts of your body.

To ensure your back’s good condition, make sure you maintain the right posture, supplement your body with the right nutrients and perform proper exercises that are suitable to your unique condition and needs. Visit our clinic in Redmond Oregon for chiropractic help.

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