Are you prone to slouching or slumping whether you are sitting or standing? If you are, then it is time to be aware of that poor posture and start doing something about it. Otherwise, you may only be headed for serious health concerns that just because of your resistance to improving your posture.

Dangers of Slouching

There is a good reason why your mother used to remind you all the time about your posture. In fact, she is only looking out for you by telling you to stop slouching. According to health experts, the following are among the common problems that can arise out of a poor posture, particularly when you often slump or slouch.

1. Frequent Headaches

When you slouch, you are holding a hefty 20-pound weight that causes your back and neck muscles to work very hard. Once you start you relax these body parts by the time you reach home and get ready for bed, muscles begin to become tensed, which leads to spasm. In a matter of minutes, you are likely to experience tension headaches just because of your inattention to posture.

2. Poor spine alignment

If you maintain a poorly aligned spine for years, this can have a significant effect to your rib cage over time. As a result, you may be at risk of lung and heart damage, as well as gastrointestinal issues.

3. Jaw Problems

A spine that is kept misaligned because of poor posture can add stress on the joints of your jaws. Eventually, your lower jaw may start to shift forward, which causes your lower and upper teeth to become misaligned. Hence, you may experience pains in your lower jaw including frequent throbbing at the back of your head.

Fortunately, slouching is an issue that you can address and correct. As long as you constantly catch yourself slumping, you may be able to remind yourself to be more aware of your posture. There are also exercises that can help improve your posture, so it is best to apply these to avoid health concerns in the long run.

If you need more help, visit a chiropractor in your area who can assist you with posture-related issues and problems.

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