Based on studies, running and spinal health have a significant link. For instance, the repetitive movement as you run tends to create a jarring of the spine, which can aggravate a back problem. This is particularly true among individuals who have an existing condition with their back. Thus, symptoms of pain and discomfort on their back may persist and even become worse if this issue remains unaddressed.

How Running Can Lead to Back Pain

The main reason why you may suffer from back pain due to running is because the discs and joints are often compressed and jarred as your body leaves the ground and land on each stride you make. This can be a painful condition, and it gets even worse whenever you jog or run.

Moreover, your back muscles must be able to work continuously to maintain the upright position of your body. This is also essential to ensure your body’s good posture throughout the time that you engage in running or jogging.

Several other muscles are also linked with this linkage system or kinetic chain that is responsible for connecting your joints and muscles. As a result, you may suffer from back pain while you run.

How to Care for Your Back Each Time You Run

To avoid this painful condition on your back, the best thing to do is to keep your head balanced over your chest as you run. You should also consider wearing the right pair of shoes such as cushioned shoes designed for running.

If possible, you may want to run on softer surfaces such as the sand or grass before progressing to tougher surfaces to condition your feet and entire body. By doing so, you can prevent back pain and prolong the time that you workout by running or jogging. You will also be able to keep your back in excellent condition even if you participate in aerobic exercises for hours.

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