Spending several hours behind your office desk is not only boring for some, but it can also lead to back and neck pains and minor discomfort in your fingers or wrists. Unless you apply proper ergonomics at work, you will end up experiencing these painful sensations until you reach home – or maybe even for days.

So, spare yourself from all sorts of physical issues by applying certain techniques that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Adjust the Right Level of Your Chair and Desk

As much as possible, make sure your chair has a suitable height that allows your feet to stay on the floor while your knees remain at the same level as your hips. You may have to use some cushion as a back rest in case there is a big space in between that part of the chair and your lower back.

Make sure your desk is not too high or not too low for your chair. Moreover, there should be enough space underneath the desk for your knees, thighs and legs. With this in mind, avoid using the extra space for storage to prevent discomfort.

Have Key Items Nearby

Too much stretching as you reach out for an item such as the office phone and other common objects you usually need at work is not good for your body. So, if you can, just rearrange where these basic office supplies are and have them near you at all times. If you need to stand just to grab these items, then do so to avoid straining your arm or shoulder.

Maintain Proper Posture

Never slouch on your chair, and always have your thighs positioned horizontally, and keep your knees leveled with your hips. The more you are aware of your posture, the easier it will be for you to make necessary adjustments and prevent discomfort whether you are standing or sitting.

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