Whiplash is a traumatic experience that can severely impact the overall function and health of your neck, head and back. So, to spare yourself from serious issues on these parts of your body, it is important to know how to prevent whiplash to maintain a great quality of life and well-being.

What Can Be Done

During a tremendous impact, your vehicle is quickly brought forward. Then, your seat tends to push hard against your back. In case you have a head restraint that is not positioned properly, this leaves your head unsupported during collision or impact. As a result, the head moves backward and over your head restraint. On the other hand, if your head restraints are adjusted the right way, your neck can be protected as your head and body remain in a properly aligned position.

With these in mind, you should make sure the your head restraints are correctly adjusted. One way to do this is by asking another person to adjust and position the restraint properly once you sit. Check the position and do the same thing with other passengers in the car.

As for your car seat, it must be positioned in a way that is comfortable, yet supportive of your back. The incline must not go more than 20 degrees angle. With a slightly inclined position of the back rest, you will remain in your seat when there is a rear end collision.

Next, the head restraint must be the correct height, which means the top portion of the restraint level is above or along the top part of your head. Position your hand over your head, then adjust the restraint accordingly as it touches your hand. In addition, the restraint must remain at least 2 inches from the back portion of the head. The closer the head restraints are, the more effective these become at preventing any injuries during collision.

Final Word

Whiplash can be prevented with proper positioning of head restraints and car seat. Most importantly, you can consult a chiropractor to help you regain the function and excellent condition of your neck and back after this traumatic accident.

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