Proper posture does not only make you look younger and more attractive, but it also ensures your efficient and relaxed movement. Each time your body remains supported well, you will be even more capable of performing a number of activities such as running, walking, or doing the laundry without experiencing any pains at all.

On the other hand, when your joints are not properly aligned, you will experience certain difficulties in performing a range of activities. You may also notice that these muscles are becoming more tense than ever. Thus, you may suffer from muscular imbalances and even difficulty in breathing. Hence, you should be more aware of your posture and make an effort to correct it before it is too late.

How to Improve Posture

When standing up, make it a point to check yourself in the mirror to determine any flaws in your posture that you should address. Be sure that your shoulders are rolled back instead of slouched forward. You should also avoid bending your back or keeping your head down to maintain the proper posture as you stand.

In case there is a need to bend down and pick an object from the floor, do so by bending your knees followed by your hips. Never bend down with only your waist to prevent any tensions on your back.

As for sitting, try to push your hips far from the chair and against the back. Your knees should also remain at a hip level. If you find it hard to relax your back, use a pillow to support it as you remain seated. This can prevent back pains or strain.

Bottom Line

Maintaining the right posture requires consciousness and an effort to correct anything wrong that you have been doing. Be sure to apply these tips to prevent any issues on your back and neck regardless of the activities you perform daily.  A chiropractor, like Dr. Sorensen based in Redmond Oregon, can also help you achieve and maintain a good posture.

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