Neck and back pain can seriously impact one’s performance, energy level and way of life. This is why for people who wish to find maximum relief from these conditions, manipulation under anesthesia for pain or MUA proves to be a solid choice to consider. Here, you can learn more about MUA, what it does and benefits it provides.

Overview of Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Otherwise called as MUA, this is a manipulative and stretching technique that is completely non-invasive. Trained professionals such as chiropractors are well-versed in performing this technique, which is designed to promote relief from various types of pain that have been persisting for quite some time. Individuals who have not experienced any improvement on their condition after implementing long-term medical care have gained maximum relief through this manipulative method.

What this technique does is to break up internal scar tissues, which are usually caused by injuries. As patients undergo MUA, the range of motion is improved along with an improved quality of life due to reduced pain. Muscle spasms, joint and neck pains are all addressed by this natural and completely non-invasive form of therapy.

Features and Benefits

Patients are put in a twilight or relaxed state as they undergo this treatment. This allows the doctor to perform bone adjustment or stretching of the muscles while preventing the patient from doing any reflexive or voluntary movements. With minimal force as the patient is lightly sedated, the entire process is made much simpler and less painful.

This technique has been performed by chiropractors and osteopaths for over 60 years, which makes it a tried and tested technique for back and neck pain treatment. It has also been proven to relieve pains and enhance range of motion while making it a safer and cheaper alternative to spine surgery. Most importantly, the kind of relief experienced is more lasting, as compared to what simply manipulation and physical therapy can offer.

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