Low back pain may be either severe or mild in intensity, and it can persist for days or disappear after a few hours. To learn more about the best treatment method for this condition, it is important to determine the cause of pain and whether it is acute or chronic in nature.

Causes of Low Back Pain

There are different causes of pain in the lower back including the following:

1. Bony Encroachment

Low back pain may be due to joint or bone problems, which may congenital or degenerative. For instance, these conditions may exist from birth while others may suffer from pain because of an injury or joint inflammation.

2. Lumbar Strain

An injury due to a stretch on the low back muscles, as well as the tendons and ligaments, may result to severe pain. In fact, lumbar strain is among the most common cause of pain. It is a typical condition with people who are in their 40s, although those who are younger may suffer from this condition. Trauma and overuse of the tissues can also worsen the pain in your lower back.

3. Nerve Irritation

Otherwise called as lumbar radiculopathy, nerve irritation occurs due to wear and tear of the discs in your vertebrae. When this occurs, the softer part of the disc in this area may rupture and exit the spinal column. Traumatic injury and improper use of the discs can also affect low back pain.

Treatment Options

The prescribed treatment for low back pain depends on the severity or frequency of the pain. For acute pain, the use of heat or ice pack, rest, and medication can eliminate any painful sensations. On the other hand, stronger painkillers or epidural steroid injections are recommended for intense acute pain.

If you wish to undergo treatment without any side effects, then you may consider alternative techniques as your best options. These may include acupuncture, cognitive-behavioral therapy and spinal manipulation. Chiropractic care proves to be a comprehensive and safe method of addressing low back pain because it aims to improve not only the condition, but your overall health, as well. With a customized exercise plan, diet and manual therapy, you can expect total recovery with chiropractic care.

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