Numbness in the extremity is a condition linked with a type of impingement throughout the course of your nerve. Various areas can be impinged, so it is important to have the condition diagnosed by a chiropractor to determine the best possible treatment depending on the origin of the pain. Once impingement occurs, your nerves may not be able to receive a sufficient amount of oxygen because of limited blood flow. Hence, you may experience extremity numbness or tingling sensation.

Symptoms Associated with Numbness of Extremities

There are several symptoms that are often experienced when you suffer from extremity numbness. For instance, you may feel some kind of tingling sensation down your arms or legs. Numbness is also common, which may or may not be accompanied with tingling. Once numbness on your arms occurs, some pain in the rotator cuff, chest and neck may come along. As for tingling or numbness of the legs, this may be followed by a painful hip, lower back, pelvis or buttock.

In the case of upper extremity numbness, the ring or pinky finger are often the ones affected. Sciatic pain may also be experienced along with the numbness. These are uncomfortable sensations that may prolong or persist, which means you may need chiropractic treatment to obtain relief from these issues.

Treatment Options

To address numbness of your extremities, it is important to first identify the cause of the problem. Chiropractic neurology is helpful for this condition, and there is a wide range of non-invasive treatment to be done. Rehabilitation of the affected joints, nerves and muscles is necessary since there are several sources of the dysfunction that involve an entire system to be treated accordingly. With proper diagnosis and avoidance of surgical procedures, you can obtain long-term relief from pain for enhanced performance and quality of life.

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