Winter is setting in and the roads are getting slippery! First and foremost, we hope that no one ever gets into a car accident. The unfortunate truth, however, is that due to poor road conditions and distracted drivers automobile accidents are an all too often reality!

Have you or a loved one been injured in an automobile accident?

If so, we strongly encourage victims of auto accidents to visit a physician who specializes in the the after care of such incidences. Untreated or inadequately treated injuries may lead to a lifetime of chronic pain. Dr. Mike Sorensen. D.C., chiropractor redmond oregon,  is an expert in automobile accident injury care and has many years of experience assisting people to regain good health and a life without pain!

Call today for your FREE exam & treatment consultation with Dr. Sorensen. You will pay NO MONEY out of pocket when you have an open insurance claim! In addition to receiving Chiropractic treatment from Dr. Sorensen, you are also eligible to receive FREE massage!  If you have any questions regarding care due to injuries caused by a car accident, please contact us.

Did you know…

•Serious bodily injury can take place during collisions under 5 mph while cars are designed to withstand collisions up to 10 mph without any damage!

•45% of car accident victims don’t start to experience symptoms of injury until 12 weeks after the accident!

•25% of car accident victims don’t begin to experience symptoms of injury until 6 months after the accident!

•22% of car accident victims who go without adequate treatment begin to experience symptoms of injury 1-2 years after the accident!

Common Whiplash Symptoms:

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