Man Getting Spa TreatmentEver wondered why there are times that you feel so tired or cranky even when you have just gotten up from bed? Some people label this experience as “getting up on the wrong side of the bed”, but the truth is, you are likely to suffer from discomfort because of your wrong sleeping position. Since the way you sleep has a huge impact on your condition the moment you wake up (and perhaps it will last the entire day), it is ideal to know the best sleeping positions that can immensely benefit your health.

According to experts, sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position as it helps maintain your spine’s neutral position. It also helps align your neck and head to your back, which is good for those who frequently experience back or neck pains during the day. In addition, this can benefit people who suffer from acid reflux, particularly when you use the right pillow that can elevate your head to prevent acid from coming back up.

When it comes to aesthetic benefits, back-sleeping makes the perfect option, as well. Dermatologists recommend this sleeping position for those who wish to reduce wrinkles since nothing pushes against the face and neck. Your facial muscles can completely relax, and this allows proper blood flow in every part of your face.

If sleeping on your back is not quite comfortable for you, then you might want to sleep on your side. This sleeping position is ideal for pregnant women or those who have problems with snoring since it helps lengthen your spine. You can also gain benefits from this position when you are prone to acid reflux or when you are pregnant as this enhances blood flow.

However, you might not want to sleep on this position when you have issues with sagging breasts and wrinkles. Health experts explain that side-sleeping stretches the ligaments on your breasts, which cause them to sag even more. If ever you choose to sleep this way, you should look for a very thick pillow that can maintain your neck and head in a neutral position. It is the only way to prevent neck pains or headaches the moment you wake up.

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