Do you find yourself suffering from back pains more frequently? If so, then it is possible that you need to improve your posture whether you are sitting or standing. For instance, you need to ensure the right way of sitting to prevent your back from hurting. These are among the different tips that you should when you want to learn how to sit properly.

1. At the Workstation

If you need to stay at your workstation for hours, then you must make sure that your desk is at least your elbows’ height. Try to maintain your shoulders at a height that is parallel to your hips while keeping the shoulders straight. As much as possible, never lean forward unless your back is completely supported.

2. While Driving

Some people experience pain while driving, so it helps to be aware of the right posture as they operate a vehicle. Your hips should remain at the farthest back of the chair. When you hold and turn the steering wheel, you should do so with both elbows bent slightly.

3. Anywhere Else

Regardless of where you are seated, try to keep your lower back supported properly at all time. You should choose a chair that is adjusted properly to minimize any strains on the back. You may want to look for a chair that you can adjust easily, so it is not a hassle whenever you need to tilt or change the position of the back.

4. Using the Computer Monitor

Make it a point to position the screen of your monitor at about the eye level. An excellent measurement is at least an arm away while ensuring the top part of the screen within eye level. If your monitor is not at this height, use a stand for the monitor to prevent any strain on your neck.

Consider applying these practical tips to sitting properly to maintain your comfort even if you have to stay on your chair for hours.

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