How can stress impact your life?

Stress comes in many different forms but all stress can take its toll on your health. After all, stress is one of the top contributing factors to chronic disease in the United States. When stress occurs, adrenaline and cortisol production increase to create an increase in heart rate in addition to an increase in blood sugar. This state is referred to as a fight or flight response and was necessary for our ancestors who were living a more primitive life and needed to run from the occasionally encountered bear. Our modern lifestyle however easily triggers these biochemical responses, yet often times leaves us in this state perpetually, causing chronic health issues including pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatigue, mood disorders, digestive complaints and sleep issues.

How massage therapy helps with stress?

Whether you suffer from physical stress like a recent car accident or emotional stress, receiving regular therapeutic massage may be the solution for you! Research shows that massage therapy lowers blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, decreases pain, normalizes cortisol and improves mood. Massage therapy rescues people from the all too frequent fight of flight response we experience and encourages its recipients to remain in a more relaxed state. When a person receives massage therapy, their body naturally produces endorphins and neurotransmitters which assist in good mood. When you have a good mood and outlook, it makes daily stressors easier to cope with.

Cascade Chiropractic & Natural Medicine’s excellent massage therapists are here to provide you with massage to help decrease stress. Stress is inevitable but our massage therapists are here to help reduce its effect on your body.

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